Have you decided to have a kitten? See if you’re ready for that

Perhaps the kitten will be your birthday present. Perhaps you yourself have long been looking at a certain type of striped mustache and are ripe to take it into your home. Or maybe you just couldn’t get outside past the chilly little creature.

All it means is that you took the kitten, and what to do next is a question that concerns you in no small measure. For the next 10, 12, maybe more, years, a furry friend will live side by side with you. So anyone who has a pet soon needs to understand one simple but very important truth. For you, a decade and a half is just a short stretch of the Earth’s path. For an animal, all life! To make her happy, healthy, and enduring is within your power.

A kitten in a house is not just a fun game and a lulling rumbling. It is first and foremost a living being for whom you are responsible.  If you like, this dumb kid is your foster kid. What do you do then? Right, take care of him! I mean, make sure he’s healthy, well-fed, cheerful, and well-mannered.

So you decided to have a kitten. Where do you start?

Financial costs: fixed, planned, emergency

For example, it is necessary to be ready for the fact that in your list of usual money spending will appear a new position – «content of the cat». Don’t worry, if you’re properly cared for, a new friend won’t cost you a dime. And yet, you’ll spend a lot of money on food and toiletries. From time to time – for routine vaccination and preventive veterinary examination of the tailing ward. Yes, there are other emergency cases of referrals. But let’s hope that these plagues, with proper care and nutrition, will bypass your mustache.

Have more attention!

Cats are not pleasant creatures, but attention to themselves, of course, requires attention. Kittens are like small children, they have plenty of energy. They’re very active and they love to play. So every day try to spend time playing with your pet.

If you ignore the cat and her wishes too often, there’s a good chance the animal will get bored. And it threatens you with furniture damage, scented tags, and other unpleasant things. So get ready to teach and nurture from a young age. To better understand the representatives of cats, first learn more about them – by communicating with friends, acquaintances of breeders, or by reading specialized literature.

We want to have a kitten, so what we need to know about raising cats


It is necessary to start raising a kitten almost from the first day of his arrival in your house. To do that, though, you have to be patient and remember that your young ward is a child who was recently taken from his mother, who is under severe stress in a strange place, surrounded by strangers. The kitten should be raised by rewarding for any properly executed action. Your care and affection will help him to learn more quickly in a new house. You will have to train him to use the toilet (contrary to popular belief, there is nothing difficult about it), teach him to use the claw, and observe other rules of behavior in the house.

Imperfect order

If you’re a perfectionist or a natural, the cat may not be at home for you. This restless pet with enviable permanence will cause a complete mess, throwing things around the apartment during games or in so-called «five minutes of rabies». And that’s normal, that’s the nature of the beast. In addition, over time, it will gradually pass: like adults, cats at age are not supposed to behave inappropriately.

Care, of course.

Monitoring the cat’s health is an important, if not the first, responsibility of the animal owner. What you have to do all the time – clean your ears, teeth, monitor your eye condition, sweep, cut your fingernails, and warm your pet. Believe me, it’s not hard if your cat gets used to these procedures in childhood. You’ll also need to show your pet periodically (once every six months or a year) to the vet and give him vaccinations and all necessary parasite treatments on time.

However, all of the above should not stop you from getting a pet. You have a kitten, and what to do first you can learn from doctor’s recommendations, breeder, specialized sites. Love and care are key factors in your long and happy life together, and everything else will be added!

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