TOP 50 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment

Dogs are considered the most popular pets in the world. Due to the wide variety of breeds, each person can choose a pet suitable for the size, temperament, and appearance. This article describes the 50 most popular species you can have in the apartment.

How to choose a dog for an apartment
Before buying a puppy, you have to weigh the pros and cons. Take into account the breed and other qualities of the future family member.

Here’s what I’m looking at:

  • The size of the animal should correspond to the size of the apartment. The size of the adult pet should be considered.
  • It is necessary to choose a breed that corresponds to the temperament of the owner. For active people will be suitable rocks of sport, hunting, and security. It is better for calm and lazy people to pay attention to decorative dogs, which do not require constant loads and long walks.
  • The presence of other pets and children in the house is an important factor.
  • Allergic tendencies.
  • The purity of the breed and the cost of the pet.
  • A tendency to bark constantly.

The owner’s financial capacity is important not only for the purchase of the puppy but also for the maintenance of the puppy. Expenditure on toys, care items, feeding, preventive examinations, and vaccinations should be taken into account.

Small dogs for the apartment

For small apartments, dwarf rocks will suit perfectly. They eat little and do not occupy much space. Adult dogs weigh from 1.5 to 10 kg, height does not exceed 45 cm in length. Miniature pets do not need exhausting walks and training. But at the same time, babies need proper nurturing and training.



Jolly bearded pinchers learn quickly and adapt to living in an apartment. They are suitable for people who spend most of their time at home. Dogs require constant attention and are very bored alone. The price for a puppy is 30,000.

Bishon frieze


Recommended for people prone to allergies. Wool has no smell, molting is almost invisible. Bichons are perfectly trained, remember commands. In the absence of education, they can display such qualities as dominance, cowardice, capriciousness. The price is 25,000.
Border terrier
The English hunters have excelled as companions and family dogs. They get along well with the children but do not tolerate the presence of other pets. For the Borders, other animals are hunting objects. The maximum weight of the adult rock is 7 kg, up to 40 cm. Wool does not shed or cause allergies. The price is 35,000.

Boston terrier

Real English gentlemen have a gentle and kind disposition. In the absence of nurture, they tend to be dominant. Adult dogs are 40 cm tall, weighing no more than 10 kg. Cost 40,000.

Brussels griffin


They get along well with children and other pets. Adult dogs weigh up to 5 kg, 6-8 cm tall. They are well trained and trained. The only minus is a strong security instinct. You can buy a puppy for 30-40 thousand.


Mini Erdelterriers weigh only 9-9.5 kg. Wool is tough and needs special care. They are suitable for the apartment but require regular walks and active games. Easily aroused and have a propensity to dig. The price is 10,000.

Jack-russell terrier

Jackies are suitable for active people. Jack-Russell terriers require regular activities and walking. Simple in training and maintenance. It does not require specific training skills, so it is suitable for beginners. Puppies from 15 thousand.

Yorkshire terrier

The terriers are very docile and cheerful. They get along perfectly with all the members of the family, but they are jealous of other pets. Wool requires quality care and regular scraping. The price tag for puppies is 15,000.


The two directions are long-haired and short-haired. The wool is odorless and practically absent. They are capricious and difficult to train. They are extremely sociable, so they are not suitable for busy people. You can buy a puppy for 20-30 thousand.


Very committed and sensitive pets. Very emotionally attached to the host. Adult animals weigh up to 5 kg, up to 40 cm. The price of puppies is 30,000.


It is one of the oldest decorative breeds. The Maltese breed beautiful companions who are ideal for living in an apartment. The Bolognas are smart and perfectly trained. Minus the unwarranted propensity to bark. Cost at 35,000.


It is considered to be one of the most successful pets for small apartments. The pugs are suitable even for inexperienced owners. They are able to adjust to the rhythm of the owner’s life and do not require frequent walks and long physical exertions. The downside is obesity, so you have to watch your diet and you have to keep your diet. It costs 8 to 40.


Very sociable and energetic papillons need constant attention. They get along well with children and other pets. They can’t tolerate loneliness, they can become depressed for a long time. The distinctive exterior is the large ears, which are covered with long wool. The cost is 20,000.


The Pekinese, like the Maltese Bolognese, is one of the oldest decorative breeds. It is suitable for stay-at-home, as it does not require long walks. Longwool requires quality care. Some owners cut their pets to avoid daily cutbacks. The price is 10,000.

Pomeranian Spitz

The most popular decorative breed. The breed’s rating has been raised due to the personal qualities of pets and unusual haircuts. A teddy bear haircut will leave no animal lover indifferent. It is good for living in small apartments. Requires patience during training and education. Bears can be purchased for 20-30 thousand.


Due to its small size and unusual appearance, the breed has not lost popularity for decades. Young animals learn well, get along with children and pets. From the minuses, poor stress tolerance, and poor health. The price is 10,000.


The breed’s members are ideal for beginners and couples with children. They make good companions with stable minds. Shiatsu has good health, do not bark, do not show aggression to strangers. Ships from 15,000.

Medium dogs for the apartment

This group includes dogs that do not exceed 12-25 kg with a maximum height of 30-60 cm. These breeds can live both in the apartment and on the street.

Australian shepherd

The breed is well trained. Shepherds need long walks, heavy loads, so the breed is not suitable for people with reduced activity. One of the downsides is the complex care of wool, the dominant traits of character. The price is 30,000.

English bulldog

Despite the impressive muscles, bulldogs are pathologically lazy. They will not appreciate long walks, nor excessive loads. Only recommended maintenance. Minus weak immunity, inclination to overeating. Cost at 42,000.


The breed cannot bark. Emotions manifest themselves in the form of folds on the snout and a wrapped tail. Clever and loyal basenji do not tolerate loneliness, separation from their master. During winter walks, it is recommended to wear animals because they do not tolerate frost. Puppies from 30,000 are recommended.

Border collie

It is distinguished by its well-developed intellect, perfectly capable of training. It looks like for professional breeders, beginners. In the apartment, you need long walks, jogging, exercise. Puppies from 20 to 70 thousand.

Bull terrier

They are stubborn and prone to domination. Despite these qualities, bull terriers are well trained, well nurtured. Very attached to the owner, not good at being alone. It’s worth 45,000.

Karelo-Finnish likes

The breed’s distinctive trait is infinite loyalty and inexhaustible energy. Long walks, regular loads are recommended. Minus the propensity to bark, independence. Puppies from 10,000.


The Queen’s pets are perfect for lodging. The interesting and active dogs get along well with children and pets. The funny babies love to walk, play outside. You can buy an English gentleman for 50,000.


The dogs recommend starting training from an early age. Otherwise, pets will grow independent and stubborn. Mittelschnauzers need constant workloads, long walks. Cost from 20,000.

Pit bull

Active, hardy pit bulls are perfect for athletic, energetic people. Pets make good companions for training, running. The breed’s members demand socialization, an intelligent dress-up. Puppies from 15 thousand.


A poodle is a combination of intelligence, kindness, loyalty, and affection. There is almost no aggression towards others. They’re good for communicative, energetic people. They get along with kids, pets. Wool is hypoallergenic but requires quality care. Puppies from 30,000.



Despite their appearance, the Samoyeds are very sensitive to expressions of negative emotion. Smart, well-adjusted dogs are good for confident people who can raise a beautiful friend and companion. The price is 25,000.

Siberian husky

Energetic, easily aroused, but extremely sociable. Husky became popular due to the interesting color of wool and iris. The Blue-Eyed Merry Men will become loyal friends, given by the assistants to their master. Worth 20,000.

Staffordshire terrier

The species requires strong behavioral control and early training. Staff can be aggressive towards other pets and strangers. They are suitable only for experienced, patient people. When properly nurtured, they grow up to be loyal, dedicated guards. Staffordshires are very attached to the master and the household. You can buy from 20,000.


Chau has a unique appearance: thick mane, dark purple tongue, thick and short ears, serious look. Chow is not suitable for beginners, as dogs are prone to aggression, domination. Requires high-quality dressing and upbringing. Cost from 32,000.


Folding Asians look pretty cute. But the breed requires quality training, social skills from an early age. Sharpei is rather lazy, does not like long walks, physical exercises. Prone to overeating, allergies. The price is from 30,000.

Big dogs for the apartment

Large breeds are suitable for accommodation in an apartment with sufficient space, an open-air courtyard, or an enclosure. It is highly recommended not to leave such rocks without loads. This group includes dogs over 60 cm in height and 30 kg in weight. It should be remembered that an 80-kilogram dog will be cramped in a small apartment, so the size of an adult animal must be considered before buying a puppy.



Despite the plush wool, the breed has a well-developed musculature and requires constant loads. Akita are proud, jealous, so rarely tolerate the presence of other pets on their territory. Woolsheds twice a year. Dogs need training and socialization skills from early childhood. You can buy a little Akita for 50,000.


They’re pretty sophisticated and stubborn pets. You need to keep your body physically busy in an apartment. Despite their complex character, the Alabai is well-dressable and do not show excessive aggression towards others. Perfect watchmen, companions. The price is 10,000.

Alaskan malamut

Malamutes look like Siberian huskies, but they’re completely different dogs. Malamutes are balanced, smart, but stubborn. It is necessary to train pets from early childhood. If in doubt, it is better to conduct training under the guidance of an experienced canine dog. They require regular loads, long walks. The cost is from 20,000

American bulldog


The breed is characterized by loyalty and boundless love for its master. They get along well with children and other pets. They are lazy and often have obesity and food allergies. The price is 50,000.

Belgian shepherd

The Belgians are great caretakers and nannies. Active, intelligent pets are perfectly capable of training. They require exercise and exercise. Prone to bark, very sad alone. Puppies from 25,000 rub.

German boxer

Beautiful muscular brutal have quite a soft character. Suitable for beginner dogs, family people. It’s easy to get along with all the family members, pets. The price for a puppy is 20,000.

Bordeaux dog

The good-natured giants, despite their frightening appearance, get along perfectly with all the family members. Seldom bark, show unwarranted aggression against strangers. It is desirable to start training and socialization from early childhood. During training, dogs may be stubborn or indifferent to teams. If you have a problem, go to the dogs. Doggies from 30


Since childhood, spotted beauties require a literate dress and need to be raised. In the absence of socialization, they become aggressive and uncontrollable. They are not suitable for beginners and busy people. They like active, stimulating games. With the right approach, dalmatians make loyal, loyal friends. Puppies from 24,000.


Dobermans combine loyalty, intelligence, love for family, security qualities, cheerful disposition. Dogs need proper upbringing, constant training. It’s important to rule out any kind of aggression, domination. The Dobermans are perfect partners in games, walking, jogging. Dobermans are pretty clean, neat. Puppies from 15,000.

Golden retriever


The breed is one of the best family dogs. Very good-natured, well-trained pets. They are suitable for inexperienced owners, families with children, and other pets. They enjoy long walks, games, physical exercises. It fits perfectly with the conditions of the apartments. You can buy a retriever for 15,000.

Irish wolfhound

Despite their giant stature and frowny stare, wolfhounds are not aggressive, peaceful pets. Because of the lack of aggression, they are not used for protection. Members of the breed have unlimited patience, never hurt children and other pets. The phlegmatic giants are very well trained, trained. Large dogs need space, long walks. They cost 60,000.

Labrador Retriever

The breed is recognized as a leader among family dogs. Due to innate goodness and intelligence, Labradors are ideally suited to living in an urban environment. But it should be remembered that retrievers require long walks, active play, training, nurturing. Labradors are not aggressive, they are easy to learn, they are suitable even for inexperienced dogs. Puppies can be bought for 10-20 thousand.


The big ones love active games, jogging, walking. The character is simple, so the Weimaraner is good for beginners. Wool resembles velvet, does not cause allergies. The cops are well-trained, not prone to aggression. Puppies from 40,000.

German shepherd

Traits are loyalty, obedience, training, high-security qualities. The Germans get along well with the children as well as with the other members of the family. They need proper training, moderate loads, long-term exercise. Unfortunately, due to lack of control, dogs with congenital joint defects are becoming more common. Therefore, the selection of a puppy should be handled responsibly and give preference only to experienced breeders with a good reputation. The price for puppies is 10 to 40.

German dog

The aristocratic giants, despite their powerful build, are quite accommodating and friendly. Because of the size of the dog, it is not recommended to start in small apartments. Dogs have a calm, thoughtful character. Aggression is caused by strong protective qualities. It is not necessary to take specific care, but it is often sick. In order to maintain health, beauty, the hounds require quality feeding and training. Cost from 35,000.


The common name of the rock in Russia is «diver». Newfoundlanders are very fond of swimming and taking water procedures. A distinctive characteristic is the presence of webbing between the fingers. Dogs have a good-natured, calm temperament. They’re good for low-level people, beginners. They’re good for training, they’re not violent with others. The wool is long and requires regular care. Puppies can cost 20-50 thousand rubles.



Rottweiler is a servant, a guard, a selfless protector, a loyal friend, a companion. The breed members are well-trained, well-trained. Because of their stubborn nature, they are not suitable for young dog breeders. When they are poorly educated, they tend to show dominance, disobedience. Trained, socialized Rottweilers get along perfectly with all the family members, the pets. It’s worth 15,000.


Despite their large size, the Senbernars have a peace-loving nature and are not prone to aggression. They don’t bark for no reason, get along with children and other animals. For a large dog, it is necessary to have a spacious room, good walking distance, moderate physical activity. The Senbernars love slow walks, journeys, outdoor games. The price is 30,000.

In a nutshell

In summing up, it is worth remembering that the breed should be chosen not only by beauty and character but also by attention to size. Large breeds will be crowded in small apartments. Such dogs need long walks, loads, and proper food. It is easier for small children to adapt to the housing conditions. Often owners teach little dogs to eat a tray or diapers.

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