Top 10 best watchdogs for a private home

Many homeowners consider dogs to be more reliable security guards than any surveillance or alarm system. But not every dog can become a real watchdog, but it requires a number of important qualities. For example, a protective instinct that is completely absent in some species, as well as physical strength, fearlessness, and resistance to cold weather. When deciding which dog to choose to guard a private home, study the top 10 best guard breeds.

1. Central Asian Shepherd

This breed is considered one of the best dogs for a private home. They are large, powerful animals with a strong, protective instinct that has evolved over millennia. Historically, these dogs have protected the herd from predators, as well as the owner’s home from intruders, and today they are equally responsible for this task. Due to thick wool, they are perfectly able to live in the booth even during severe winter frosts, but the heat is also good. This dog is wary of outsiders, but to the owner and his family, he will be a loyal friend.

2. German Shepherd


This breed is often chosen as a guard dog for a private home. It combines intelligence and discipline, a calm temper, and energy. Like all shepherds, the Germans have a strong security instinct, and because of their size, they can knock down anyone who invades their territory. At the same time, the German shepherd is easily and quickly learning, she has a stable psyche. If the owner pays due attention to the training, such a dog will never be hostile to the guests.

3. The Caucasian Shepherd

Shaggy Caucasians are prone to stubbornness and domination, so they should be raised by an experienced dog-breeder or a professional dog-maker. But if a dog finds out who’s in charge, its loyalty and obedience will have no limits. And as a keeper, she will have no equal: the sheer size and formidable power of these dogs will scare away all the intruders from the precinct. At the same time, Caucasian shepherds love small children and can become reliable and affectionate babysitters for them. It’s great if you need a dog to guard the house and the kids.

4. Moscow Guard


The name of this breed immediately indicates its purpose. The Moscow guards were led out in Soviet times on the basis of Senbernars, Caucasian shepherds, and Russian pegic hounds. The result is a dog to guard the yard and the house, loyal to the master and his whole family. Her lack of fear makes her a good caretaker, and her smooth nature encourages excellent relationships with all the household members. She’s not very comfortable with the content, but she feels best in a large area.

5. Rizenschnauzer

The Riesenschnauzers are a German breed that breeds from the shepherd dogs of Bavaria. They are strong, large, and intelligent dogs. They have excellent security qualities and remarkable kindness, and they have rare patience when dealing with babies. That makes them great dogs to protect private homes and children. Risenschnauzers are easy to train, so they were widely used by the military and police.

6. Akita-Inu


Akita-Inu was bred in Japan as hunting and watchdog. Members of this breed protected the imperial family and high-ranking dignitaries. The Akita has a reputation for a breed that is difficult to train, but with an experienced owner, this dog will become a loyal friend and a reliable guard. Akitas do not bark, are respectful to all family members, but always react cautiously to strangers.

7. Russian black terrier

Russian black terriers were withdrawn to the Soviet Union on the basis of the Rizenauzers for service in the army units. Gradually they spread throughout the country and are now considered one of the best guard breeds. These dogs are resistant, they tolerate all climatic conditions, they react quickly to any threat, but they’re not out of control. Russian black terriers require constant physical and mental strain, so they should not be left alone for long.

8. Tibetan mastiff


Members of this ancient breed are natural guards who watch over their territory. Their huge size, cosmetic mane, and formidable appearance make them very impressive watchdogs. The Tibetan Mastiffs show a constant devotion to the master and his family, especially when it comes to raising such a dog from an early age. The Tibetan mastiff is very reserved in expressing his love, so it is not necessary to expect a special affection from him.


Komondor, or Hungarian shepherd, is another breed of a shepherd with outstanding guard and security qualities. Her appearance may seem amusing: Komondor is sometimes called a «mop dog» due to long woolen dreads. But in reality, this breed can deal appropriately with thieves or other intruders. And for the master and his family, the Komondor itself is a tender and kind soul. Unusual wool requires care: twisted strands must be separated to avoid confusion.

10. South Russian Shepherd

The rating of the South Russian shepherd – an ancient breed from the steppes of Crimea – closes. It is distinguished by loyalty to the master, intelligence, and fearlessness. Thick fur helps them withstand winter frosts, but requires regular scrubbing. From an early age, South Russian shepherds exhibit guard qualities, confirming their reputation as dogs to protect private homes. Without proper upbringing, they can grow up to be aggressive and abusive, so the master must train and socialize such a dog.

Any dog can show some protection. And not surprisingly – it is necessary to guard the beloved owner and the cozy house.

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