5 most powerful dog breeds

All breeds of dogs differ greatly in size, strength, and character. Before you buy a large dog, you need to determine for what purpose you are getting it. Unlike tiny Pets, large breeds require special maintenance conditions and stricter upbringing.

Saint Bernard


The size of these amazing dogs is simply astounding: in height, they grow to almost 90 cm and weigh at least 70 kg. Dogs with such dimensions should be feared, but St. Bernards are not inclined to show aggression at all. These big guys get along very well with children and Pets. Living in an apartment suits them perfectly since this breed is characterized by low activity and even some laziness. St. Bernards are not easy to train because of their stubbornness. Of the disadvantages, it should be noted that this breed sheds very much.

I can justify this choice with facts. First, St. Bernards are used for rescue operations in the mountains. Agree, you need real power to quickly move over long distances in the snow, and even dig people out from under the snow. Secondly, there is a recorded case when a Saint Bernard dragged a cart weighing 2905 kilograms for a distance of 5 meters.



Very sociable and kind dog. Newfoundland is quite tolerant of children and with the calmness to tolerate their antics. These muscular thugs are well trained. They do not require much physical activity, but they will never refuse to play. Newfoundlanders do not tolerate loneliness, so it is better not to leave them alone for long.

Another confirmed case. A female of the Newfoundland breed dragged a load (also 5 meters) weighing 2289 kilograms.

Tibetan mastiff


A scarce and expensive breed of dog. In ancient times, they were used to protect livestock and homes: the Tibetan Mastiff was not afraid to fight back even a snow leopard. The weight of these thugs can in rare cases reach 80 kg. proud and independent disposition distinguishes dogs of this breed. Cowardice is not inherent in them at all. The main thing is not to let the Tibetan Mastiff get very bored: because of boredom, they can start gnawing on furniture.


A very large dog originally from Central Asia. Alabai always strives to take a dominant position in the family, so when raising a child in any case, you should not show slackness. Alabai is a very loyal and selfless dog, but it is not so easy to earn their trust. With proper training, these dogs become excellent watchdogs. Walking with Alabama has a lot because the energy they have more than enough.

Caucasian shepherd


These dogs are distinguished by truly incredible strength: in order to protect their family, they can even kill a wolf. On average, representatives of this breed weigh 70 kg, but there are individuals whose weight reaches 100 kg. Caucasian shepherds are balanced and independent dogs. In the circle of close people, they behave very calmly and peaceful, but they are extremely wary of strangers.

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