7 Things that your dog resents

Dogs are artless creatures, so their emotions are so obvious. If jumping around the host and wagging the tail demonstrate joy, then the reasons for the depressed mood and sadness are not always clear. Let’s find out the 7 most common actions that offend your dog.

The lack of a day mode

Every animal has a biological clock, which is why their daily routine is so important. Having a strict routine, the pet feels more confident and less stressed. If possible, feed and walk the dog at certain times. By sticking to the schedule for a week, you can already see positive changes in the pet’s behavior.

Allow strangers to pet your dog

dog resents strangers


Often, during a walk, children approach the dog and ask for permission to stroke the pet. In this situation, it is necessary to politely refuse, especially if the animal shows dissatisfaction. Allowing everyone to stroke the dog, the owner loses authority in the eyes of the pet and unnecessarily exposes it to stress.

Pull down the leash


No dog likes it when it’s out walking:
The owner does not allow you to sniff the area. For a pet, a walk is more than just an opportunity to relieve themselves, it is also an introduction to a new territory. The dog can get very upset if it is constantly being pulled back.
According to dog handlers, a leash is a communication tool in a master-dog pair. It is not permissible to allow the dog to drag itself, just as it is not allowed to pull itself, much less drag the animal after it.
It is unacceptable to use too short a leash, because the dog can not relax, constantly experiencing tension. Allowing the dog to walk on a long leash, the owner makes it clear that he controls the situation and trusts him.

Yell at the dog


The use of force and shouting will lead to the fact that the dog will start to fear the owner and cease to respect. You should not yell at your pet, even if its behavior is annoying, and you should express dissatisfaction in a confident, reproachful tone.

Do not perceive fear of water

It is not often you can meet a pet who likes hygienic procedures. Even dogs who are willing to swim in ponds, lie in puddles, or run around the lawn around the sprinklers avoid the bath, associating it with something unpleasant. As it turned out, they don’t like smooth surfaces and the sound of tap water. Therefore, before water procedures in the bath, it is recommended to lay a towel, or better yet a rubber Mat, show patience and praise the dog for its courage.

Tease the dog

It is not always what the owner finds funny that his dog likes. Mimicking a pet can lead to the fact that it will no longer see the owner as a leader and once in response to such behavior, it will show aggression.

Don’t pay attention

Even if you are a very busy person, you need to spend at least half an hour playing with your pet every day. Without the ability to release energy, the dog’s behavior becomes destructive. The task of the owner is not only to feed and walk the pet in a timely manner but also to help it develop its endurance and monitor its mental health.

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