The Most Expensive Dog Breeds of 2021

Discover some of the priciest dog breeds, we ranked them from lower price to higher. Could you afford these canines?

#8 Lowchen


A breed of miniature decorative dogs originally from France. Known in Spain and France since the end of the XVI century. Lion Bichons were often depicted in his paintings by the artist Goya. At the beginning of the XX century, the popularity of the breed fell sharply, and in 1960 it was listed in the Guinness Book of world records as the rarest breed in the world. That is why dog handlers began actively engaged in their breeding, as a result of which lion Bichons returned to their former fame. The lion breed is called because they get a peculiar haircut, which makes them look like a lion. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, fearless, loving, and loyal. You can buy a lion Bichon puppy for 2000-7000 dollars.

#7 Akita


A breed of service dogs belonging to the Spitz group. Their homeland is considered to be Akita Prefecture, which is located in the North of Japan. In its native country, it is recognized as a national treasure and has the status of a natural monument. Dogs of this breed can be described as reserved, intelligent, courageous, noble, and very loyal to their owner animals. They have excellent guard qualities and are easy to train. You can buy Akita puppies for 1000-3500 dollars.

#6 Samoyed


A very ancient breed of service dogs, which managed to avoid the intervention of breeders and remain until today in its original form. For more than 3000 years, it served as a companion in the tribes living in the North of Russia. Samoyeds were used for hunting, guarding, herding, transporting, and sometimes even as nannies for children. They are characterized by a calm character, a sharp mind, cheerfulness, balance, and sociability. They love people and are happy to make contact. The training and upbringing of a Samoyed dog should be taken quite seriously. You can buy a puppy of this breed for 600-1800 Dollars.

#5 Ridgeback


Thai Ridgeback – the national breed of Thailand, belonging to the category of hunting. For several centuries, it lived only within the borders of Eastern Thailand, maintaining the purity of its breed. Relatively recently, at the initiative of the American dog breeder Jack Sterling, several representatives of the breed were brought to California, where he engaged in their breeding. Thai Ridgebacks are very active and strong dogs that need long walks. They have a sharp mind and have their own opinions on everything. You need to be able to outwit it and instill confidence that the owner is always right. The price of Thai Ridgeback dogs ranges from 5000-9000 $.

#4 Pharaoh Hound


an ancient breed of hunting dogs, the history of which begins at least 5 thousand years ago. This is evidenced by their images found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is assumed that the breed was brought to the Mediterranean Islands by Phoenician merchants, where it was kept clean for a long time. In great Britain, the Pharaoh’s dogs were introduced only in 1920, and in 1975 they received official recognition. In Russia, they are extremely rare. Mostly used as companion dogs. Pharaoh dogs are smart, playful, affectionate, and kind animals, but there is some authority in their character. The price for dogs of this breed can reach 1000-7000 Dollars


#3 Tibetan Mastiff


An ancient breed of service dogs, the history of which dates back about 5 thousand years. Powerful and brave dogs served as guards in Tibetan monasteries. In the Himalayas and Central Asia, they were often used to protect livestock and grazing. By nature, they are reserved, calm, gentle and loyal dogs that will be excellent territory guards and loyal friends to all family members. Very clean animals. One of the representatives of the Tibetan Mastiff breed, Hong Dong, became the most expensive dog in the world, for which a Chinese coal magnate gave 1.5 million dollars. The price for puppies of this breed is 2000-8000 dollars.

#2 Norfolk Retriever


The Norfolk Terrier is a breed of hunting dog originally from the County of Norfolk, England. For about a hundred years, Norwich Terriers and Norfolk Terriers belonged to the same breed (the difference between them was in the position of the ears), but in 1964 it was decided to separate them. Dogs with hanging ears decided to call Norfolk Terriers. These well-built animals are very energetic, brave, and hardy. They have a balanced and calm character, are friendly, and get along well with children. The cost of puppies of the Norfolk Terrier breed is 1500 dollars.


#1 English Bulldog


a short-haired breed of serious and loyal dogs bred in England in the second half of the XIX century. By type of use, the breed refers to companion dogs and bodyguards. English bulldog, the owner of a pronounced personality, is the title of the national dog of England. He embodied truly gentlemanly traits: imperturbability, thoroughness, even certain phlegm, elegance, and aristocracy. English bulldogs are very much in need of attention, and their maintenance requires a lot of responsibility, so they are not suitable for people who do not have enough time to devote to their Pets. You can buy a puppy of this breed for 600-2500 $.

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