Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a severe mental condition that affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and act. People with schizophrenia may appear to have lost touch with reality, causing tremendous distress to the person, their family, and friends. Schizophrenia symptoms can be severe and devastating if left untreated. Effective remedies are, nevertheless, accessible. Treatment can assist affected individuals to engage in school or job, gain independence, and enjoy personal relationships when administered in a timely, organized, and sustained manner.

When Does It Start and What Are the Symptoms?


Schizophrenia is most commonly diagnosed in late adolescence to early thirties, and males (late adolescence – early twenties) are diagnosed earlier than females (early twenties – early thirties). The first episode of psychosis, when people first show signs of schizophrenia, is commonly followed by a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Gradual changes in thinking, emotions, and social functioning normally begin in mid-adolescence, before the first episode of psychosis. Schizophrenia can strike youngsters as early as five years old, but it is uncommon before late adolescence.

The following three categories best describe the symptoms of schizophrenia:

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