10 Signs that your Cat loves you

Some cat owners can hardly assess the behavior of their Pets, who have incomprehensible muzzles and a measured character. Sometimes we even think that the animal behaves indifferently towards its owner. This fact, however, has nothing to do with reality. Yes, cats can often hide their love and affection for their owner. But this is only due to the exceptional personalities of the creature – the tail wagging and slobbery kisses that dogs love so much are not at all suitable for domestic cats. Cats have unique ways of showing their affection. Today you will learn a few behavioral habits that indicate that your cat really loves you.

This article highlights some of the ways cats say ‘I love you’ without using verbal speech. Then you need to continue reading this article.
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10.Your cat gently interrupts you


What would you think if someone close to you bumped their head into you? You probably wouldn’t consider this action a sign of love. However, for cats, this behavior is the clearest example of demonstrating their sympathy and approval. Butting is a way of communicating, through which this animal shows its affection for others. A cat that rubs this part of its body with you identifies you as one of its friends. This opinion is shared today by veterinary research specialists at Petful, a large us boarding house for Pets. In their scientific work, they also noted that a cat rubbing its head against its owner can similarly mark its territory. These furry friends have scent glands on their chin, cheeks, forehead, and lips. By rubbing its muzzle against your body, the cat spreads a unique fragrance that marks you as its buddy.

9.The cat’s tail twitches at the tip or twists around your leg


A cat’s tail can tell us a lot about a pet’s mood. Fluffed tail, straightened hair, and arched back are known differences that signal a dangerous state of the cat. In this case, as many may know, the animal feels threatened in its environment. But a straight and elegant tail can mean exactly the opposite. Under these circumstances, experts say, the cat feels confident and happy. Your presence has a positive effect on her. The clearest sign of love, however, is a curly tail. A cat that wraps its tail around your leg or arm tries to convey its mood of friendship and affection to you in this way.

8.Cat shows you her tummy


Today, there are not many things that can compare with the pleasant and fluffy tummy of your cat. If you see such a display of feelings on the part of an animal, then you have earned the proper trust. Cats, as a rule, voluntarily show their bellies only to friends they trust. This shows that animals feel safe and comfortable while being vulnerable. If your cat is sprawled out on the floor next to you, you are most likely the direct cause. You can assume that she feels affectionate up close with you. However, cats can also expose their tummies to the view as a submissive or protective action. This is a technique they use when they feel cornered. If you don’t know your cat well, be careful when trying to pet her belly. This can cause the cat to hit you hard.

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