10 Signs that your Cat loves you

7.A purring cat is happy in your presence


As you may have suspected earlier, purring is a good sign. It tells us that your cat likes being around you. However, along with this, you probably might not know some of the features of this behavior. Pet behavior experts say that cats force themselves to purr solely for the sake of the people they adore. These animals do not purr for other cats or animals. The only exception is their own kittens.

6.Your cat brings you “gifts”


Many things that relate in one way or another to your cat’s daily life can hardly be included in your wish list. Your pet, however, is willing to regularly bring you lots of gifts – mice, frogs, bugs, lizards, and even trash. All this tells us that the animal feels at home next to you. Many people think that all these “gifts” are intended for the owner. But in fact, cats bring such things home only because this place creates a sense of security inside them. This is a clear sign that your pet feels protected with you.

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