10 Signs that your Cat loves you

5.Does your cat bite you often?


There is a less common sign of feline love in our world – a pleasant nibble or a soft bite. The cat, as veterinarians say, sometimes allows itself a gentle tickling bite with the people it loves. This is definitely different from a real bite that can cause you pain. If your cat is carefully using your hand as a toy, it’s clearly hinting to you that you guys are her best friends. Attention to such trifles on the part of this animal is truly surprising. A cat that treats its owner with trepidation and love will never hurt him during the game.

4.Your cat is constantly following you


Your cat today may strongly insist on increasing the time you spend together. In that case, you probably seem like a friendly buddy to her. Your pet can jump into bed with you, sneak into the bathroom, or watch you while you eat. It seems that you are very interested in your cat. The cat’s close attention, which is expressed in such actions, shows us another sign of attachment. An animal that watches you tirelessly even while eating has become firmly connected to your presence in its daily life.

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