10 Interesting Ways Dogs Say “I Love You”

Dogs cannot express themselves through verbal speech. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot communicate with humans. Some dog language words include barking, facial expressions, jumping, sighs, growling, among others. The canines have been using the same gestures to communicate with humans since they were domesticated several centuries ago. Therefore, don’t expect your dog to talk in the near future; just learn to decode non-verbal communication.

Most people can guess how a dog feels when they see some common gestures. For instance, a wagging tail usually indicates happiness or excitement. However, some individuals don’t understand that canines use other types of expressive communication to express their feelings. If you want to fully understand ‘dog language,’ you should observe your pet’s entire body for clues. Dogs can show affection towards you using different signs. This article highlights some of the ways dogs say ‘I love you’ without using verbal speech. Then you need to continue reading this article.

10.The dog leans on you


One of the odd behaviors that dogs portray is leaning on humans. When your dog cuddles itself or leans against you, it simply means that it wants your comfort and affection. The same way humans express love through physical contact, dogs also seek out a human touch by leaning on them. Most dog owners either misunderstand the behavior or fail to respond appropriately because the canines tend to portray the same behavior when they are nervous. Pet experts recommend that you should reward the leans with snuggles or scratches to show your affection.

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