10 Interesting Ways Dogs Say “I Love You”

Dogs cannot express themselves through verbal speech. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot communicate with humans. Some dog language words include barking, facial expressions, jumping, sighs, growling, among others. The canines have been using the same gestures to communicate with humans since they were domesticated several centuries ago. Therefore, don’t expect your dog to talk in the near future; just learn to decode non-verbal communication.

Most people can guess how a dog feels when they see some common gestures. For instance, a wagging tail usually indicates happiness or excitement. However, some individuals don’t understand that canines use other types of expressive communication to express their feelings. If you want to fully understand ‘dog language,’ you should observe your pet’s entire body for clues. Dogs can show affection towards you using different signs. This article highlights some of the ways dogs say ‘I love you’ without using verbal speech. Then you need to continue reading this article.

10.The dog leans on you

One of the odd behaviors that dogs portray is leaning on humans. When your dog cuddles itself or leans against you, it simply means that it wants your comfort and affection. The same way humans express love through physical contact, dogs also seek out a human touch by leaning on them. Most dog owners either misunderstand the behavior or fail to respond appropriately because the canines tend to portray the same behavior when they are nervous. Pet experts recommend that you should reward the leans with snuggles or scratches to show your affection.

09. Cuddles after Dinner

Food is an essential commodity to members of the canine family, including dogs. In the wild, their world revolves around looking for the next meal and defending their hunting territories. Domesticated ones get the most basic needs, including food from the owner, but the way they feed doesn’t seem to have changed. Gregory Berns, the author of “How Dogs Love Us,” highlights various behaviors that dogs portray after eating. He notes that if your dog has a habit of cuddling with you after eating, then you are the most important thing in its tiny universe after food. Therefore, if the animal moves closer to you after a meal, then it considers you its best friend and an Alpha member in the “family.”

08.Your dog wants to sleep in bed with you


If there has been proper interaction between you and your dog, it might consider you a packmate or a pack leader. Like their ancestors (wolfs), dogs prefer sleeping next to their pack members. If your dog considers you an Alpha of its “pack,” you are both a source of protection and the most important member of the family. For that reason, the animal might sleep on your bed to show love. Further, dogs are very intuitive; they might be aware of some of your problems. For example, studies indicate that your pet might detect physical ailment, and sleeping closer to you is a sign of protection or reassurance.

7.Your dog brings you items

ogs are very possessive, and they will try to protect their belongings from other dogs or even humans. If your pet loves you, it might bring you some of its toys and other items to show affection. It might be a simple gesture to humans, but in a dog’s universe, it is a big sacrifice to share some belongings. In addition, the dog might also bring you toys that need fixing since it trusts you as a problem solver. Therefore, you should be grateful when your pet portrays such behaviors.

06.Your dog yawns with you


Just like between humans, contagious yawning also exists between dogs and their owners. Experts claim that the canines tend to respond to yawns because it is a sign of strong social bonding. Unlike other domesticated animals, dogs can internalize what yawning reflects and show empathy to the yawner.

05.The dog gazes into your eyes

Dogs try to bond with their owners through prolonged eye-gazing. According to Brian Hare (the author of “The Genius of Dogs”), dogs make eye contact with humans because it releases oxytocin – a ‘love’ chemical. The same chemical is produced when there is eye-gazing between mother and child. Dogs have in some way learned to use the same technique to create an attachment with their owners. Therefore, when your pet stares at you, it is not only trying to read nonverbal cues, but it is also trying to bond with you.

04.Your dog raises its eyebrows


Since they were domesticated, dogs have somehow reshaped their eyebrows to make their emotions more readable to humans. If your pet raises its inner eyebrows when it sees you, it is trying to communicate something. A recent study in Japan highlights that dogs automatically lift their left eyebrows when they see their human family, but it doesn’t happen when a stranger is introduced. Experts believe that the reason behind the raising of eyebrows is that the canines intend to release more ‘love’ chemicals through eye-gazing.


03. The dog nudges you


Every time your dog wants you to pet him, there is a release of oxytocin. The ‘hug hormone’ creates a bond between you and your dog, and drives the canine to nudge you. If you see such behavior, you should know that the dog is looking for a cuddle or a hug. However, when a woman pets the animal, it triggers the release of larger amounts of the chemical as compared to a man. Therefore, if you are a man, then your dog might be closer to your sister, mother, girlfriend, or wife than you.

Further, dogs are sensitive to our emotions, and your pet knows when you are distressed. When you are upset or having a bad day, the animal might try to put a paw or snuggle in an attempt to comfort you. Such a sign indicates that the dog cares about you.

02.The dog gets excited when you come home

If your dog jumps around when you enter your house, then the animal loves you completely. Dogs usually live in packs – it considers everyone in your home a member of the group. When you are away, the dog feels that the pack is somehow disbanded, especially if it remains alone. Therefore, the animal responds with joy when you return because it feels that the pack is full and stabilized. Dogs that stay alone in the house tend to get distressed, and they might destroy some items in their room. If you want your dog to fight boredom, experts recommend leaving the pet in a dog’s daycare before going to work or a vacation. Daycare is an ideal place for your pet because it must love dogs daycare services such as playing with trained staff and interacting with other dogs.

01. Lots of dog kisses


Another way your dog can express how it loves you is through dog kisses. Although their kiss is quite different from that of humans, your pet will keep licking you, especially if it has been waiting for you the whole day. The canine licking instinct is present in both dogs and wolves, and it is said to release endorphins hormone, which makes the animals involved in the act feel calm and happy.  In wolves, cubs usually lick their mother as a sign of hunger. On the other hand, dogs use the technique to show affection amongst themselves and towards humans. Although licking is a sign of love, the dogs might also lick you if you have bits of food on your hand or skin.



A dog is good at understanding nonverbal cues from humans, and they also respond with various gestures, which might be challenging to interpret. It is essential to know your dog’s feelings so that you can be the best friend in its pack. You can keep your pet active and happy by leaving it in a dog’s daycare instead of leaving it in the house. However, it is also risky since the canine will meet dogs with different behaviors, and it might get injured when interacting with them. Experts recommend that you get dog insurance so that you don’t incur additional expenses in case there is a problem. It would help if you considered making a dog insurance comparison so that you can select the right cover for your pet.

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